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I am going to attempt to simplify the seemingly controversial.

When an entire race of people screams that they need help, I am for giving them the help they need. I am for becoming more educated, learning to do better, and standing on the right side of history. This is because I am for humans.

When a deadly virus ravages our country and our communities, I am for staying healthy. I am for taking the precautions needed to defeat this virus. I am for figuring out a way to overcome this problem as quickly as possible, with the least amount of sickness and death. I am for wearing masks, and social distancing, and avoiding large crowds. None of this is out of fear — it’s a sense of obligation, or a need to do the responsible thing. Again, this is because I am for humans.

None of what I said above means that I am indifferent to economic pain. I am for finding a way to support the businesses that we can safely support. I am for helping people maintain the economic standards that they’ve become accustomed to. I am personally more apt to support the businesses that have shown that they care about us through the midst of the pandemic. Again, this is what my pro-human stance looks like.

If any of that feels controversial to you, I am not sure what to say. None of it should be. If a segment of the population asks for help, the decent thing to do is to help them, not tell them that they shouldn’t feel what they feel.

This is what it means to be pro-human.